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The spell cause son turned against own mother

 An irritable lady who quickly gets angry became calm & peaceful after the ruqyah was done on her.  
NS is one of the people in the Wednesday night’s gathering in Y’s house in Daly City, Califfornia.  Every one in the group knows that I am a ruqyah practitioner so some one asked me if I could do the ruqyah on NS and that person also told NS to have it done that night which she agreed.  Right after we finished the Isya prayer, I started the ruqyah on NS.  First NS was seating facing the kiblat but a few minutes after I strted, NS got up and walked away toward the kitchen and said “I don’t want it, I don’t want it, I am afraid!”  I asked her whom you were afraid of and her replied was “there is big black figure in front of me, I am afraid!”  There were eight other people including me in that room and no one seen anything so first I told NS to go back and seat down then Y was also told her not to go any where and to seat down to finish what I was doing on NS(the way I was telling her was with a high tone and ordered her to go back and seat)
NS went back to the living room and seat down again.  Shortly after I started the ruqyah on NS again, NS held her head with her two hands and said “my head hurt, my head hurt!”  I started asking questions in my attempt to have a conversation with the Jinn to find out why was in NS’ body, how long has been there, how many were they, what was his/her name and what her/his faith was but all NS did was shaking her head refused to answer anything.  I remembered I have a bottle of holy water in my bag so I asked some one in that room to get the water from my bag for me.  I asked Y to put the water in the cup and to put a tiny salt for NS to drink.            
I have been performing ruqyah in Y’s house so  many times in  the past and we always fully prepared before hand but no one had experience wanting to throw up so that night no one think that NS will be throwing up so no one prepared for it but right after NS drank the water, she felt like going to throw up so Y and W were rushed went to the kitchen to get plastic bag for NS.  It was just a perfect timing as soon as we go the plastick bag, NS began throwing up.  It took NS very long time making so much noice like wanting to throw up but only little wanter came out .  While she was throwing up, she also cried and she was in tears so I asked why she was crying she said already left, already left.  I ignored her saying the jinn already left her body instead I continued reciting the ruqyah until finish what I was going to recite.  NS then was touching her head and asked if there was blood on her head.  I told her no there was no blood on her head but she did not believe me because she said when I was reciting verses of the Qur’an, her head was hurting especially when I was removing the nail from her head.  NS insisted that I pulled the nail out from her head actually I did not do anything oher than just reciting Al-Qur’an on her.
When it was all done, other person who witnessed there asked NS why she got up and tried to leave the room and her response was “I did not go anywhere, I was told to seat here and I was just seat here the whole time until now and I did not go anywhere.”  NS also said “what you mean I tried to go, I came with W and if I go home, I go home with W.”   Other people also asked NS why wha she felt when she was throwing up but NS seemed puzzled with the question and she repeat the word “throwing up?” she said “I did not throw up, I never throw up.”  NS did not remember anything what she just adid in Y’s house so we tried tell her what she did but she did not believe us at all.  About the throwing up she insisted telling us that she did not throw up and she also said even when she was pregnant that she never throwing up like most people.
Before she went home, I told her to pay attention how she feel at home, how she sleep and to tell me if she feel anything unusual.
The next morning I received a text message from NS as follows:
“Assalamualaikum tante, I did not sleep good last night, I was sleeping but like I was not sleeping,  some one came me to my room and told me not to do it again.  May be it was just my imagination, but I feel good, my head feel lighter and my mind feel relax, one more thing my mouth feel bitter and there is fresh blood in my mouth.  God willing all is good ok tante, thank you.”


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