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That Jin Change my life


    I am Um Ahmed of Bangladeshi origin but was living in Libya and I am a normal person like everyone else. I do have a normal life like everyone else. But one day I realised I was whatever I was thinking normal or doing normal was not actually normal. I spent about £7000.00 and I don't know where it went and on what. I was aggressive and away from everyone. When I started to realise slowly I was facing new problems everyday for example I used to have horrible dreams but they became worse I could feel someone standing over me when I fell asleep. I had nail scratches on my body and bruises that I did not know where they came from. I always had a fever after Mahgrib time and dizziness. I remember plucking the hair from my head until I started to become bald in places.

    I used to cut my finger with a blade and let the blood drop on a tissue then smell it and collect the tissues. My parents guessed that I was acting abnormal. I decided to leave my family as I was facing problems being with them I cannot specify what sort of problems there were. I left Libya and went to Bangladesh and came to London to study but the past 7 years I have not been getting anywhere with my studies and I felt bad feelings with in my surroundings.
    Because of bad dreams I started praying and listening to Surah Yasin and Surah Ar rahman and used to ask refuge with Allah (SWT) I felt that I was becoming helpless I used to run to stay with friends rather than stay at my home as I thought that there were frogs, snakes, scorpions on my bed so I did not want to be on my own at my home and would go to my friends.
    Then one day I came across Abou Mohamed's video on you tube and I decided to see him and if Allah (SWT) wills everything will be settled whether I have jinn or I have psychological problem. The evening before I was going to see Abou Mohamed I was in the bathroom doing my wudu for Isha prayer I noticed that there was a very large shadow in my room I saw it it looked like a cow's face but a humans body and was green I got scared and did not leave the bathroom for about 30 mins then I said to myself I have to make my prayers and Allah (SWT) will protect me. I prayed and then I prayed my Istikhara for a sign if this person Abou Mohamed was good for me to go and see him then Allah (SWT) would give me a sign. I saw in my dream Abou Mohamed reading Surah Ar rahman so I felt that this was a good sign and I should go and see him.
    When I went to have the Ruqyah Abou Mohamed gave me a questionnaire to see what signs I had after starting to read he discovered that there were 3 jinns they didn't talk the second reading they talked and were very angry because of the Ruqyah I had several sessions to get rid of the jinn and the magic and my belief was only with Allah (SWT) and his medicine and that prayers of Ruqyah dua and patience.
    Alhumdullah I am fine now my life style has improved I believe that the jinn and magic could return if I let myself get away from the guidance of Allah (SWT) so seek refuge from Allah (SWT) to protect you from the evil eye magic or jinn.


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