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That entity gone after ruqyah

    The night of the passing of my father I noticed an entity in the room with him I paid no attention to it as I wanted my dad to pass peacefully .After returning home I keep noticing the same entity and after a couple of weeks I started to lose weight but I put it down to depression on my fathers death .After 6 months I found that I was seeing the entity more and more also my behavior was changing and at night times I was very scared and seldom sleep at which point I have lost over 70 lbs going from 240lbs to 170lbs I was a bodybuilder and was very muscular but all my muscles disappeared and I was a shadow of my former self.

    I had a consultation with the NHS and all the results I had turned out negative which now made me believe that this entity had a part to do with this as even my 9 month old daughter who normally hugs me was crying every time I came near her .
    This is where I visited Brother Abou Mohamed and on meeting him I felt a goodness about him and after one session with him I felt as if something had lifted off me. He prayed over me and there the Gin revealed itself from inside me which was literally 'sucking me dry' .Bro Abou's prayers were very powerful and the jin was cast out of me.
    Upon my arrival home my wife saw a big difference in my features and my baby girl kept hugging me which was the first time she has done this since my fathers passing.
    I have now gained my weight and have no more fear of the night and I have never seen the entity again and all the positive behavior has now returned to me. I attribute this to the power of Allah's prayers administered by Bro Abou.
    Bro Abou,I thank you for all you have done for me, I know you made a big difference in my well being and you are an instrument in delivering Allah's blessings and mercies and my testimonial is so that others can benefit from your powers of healing.
    Thanks Bro Abou Mohammed

    Story From : http://www.ruqyahandhealing.com/testimonials/


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