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Jinni occupied the house

A female jinni often appeared before the teenagers children,  the parents (M & R), and their friends who were visiting M & R in the hosue.  The jinni often seating in the couch, walking around in the house, in the garage, in the bed rooms but then the jinni was gone after we recited Al-Baqarah, the second surah of the Holy Qur’an, and asked the jinni to leave from the house.  
M heard that I had cleaned some one house so M asked NS to ask me if I could do the same at M’s house.  M lives in the suburb sapproximately 100 miles from San Francisco.  So my husband and I talked it over with our Qur’an group which they exited to it because at the same time we could treat it as going to field trip.

As soon as we arrived in M house, I asked for water in six small bowls.  I divided surah Al-Baqarah into six.  There were more than six people in the group so some read the portion of the Al-Baqarah alone and some were two people together.  Each one has a bowl of water in front of the person.  While we were reading surah Al-Baqarah out loud in front of the water, we stop a few times to blow air from our mouth into the water. 
There was lightening from one wall to the other side of the wall at high speed while we all reading the Qur’an.  Because we were seating on the carpet reading so all our heads were looking at Qur’an in other word our heads were all bending down but all of sudden we were all looking up to the direction where the light was.  So we all witnessed the lightening in the house.
When we all completed reading, we poured all six bowls of water into one bigger bowl and began to go around the house.  We started in the garage spraying the holy water and asking the Jinn to leave the house.  We do the same to every rooms in that house and while we were spraying in the living room, M saw a lady was seating in the middle of the couch.  The lady was wearing hat.  M was the only one who saw the Jinn seating in the couch but after we nicely asked the Jinn to move, she left and never returned.
On December 20, 2011, My husband, my daughter in-law, NS, and I stopped by at M’s house.  M was telling my daughter in-law how greatful she is now compares to before I cleaned the house.  So my daughter in-law asked M what happened before in the house so M said before it was not only M, but all M’s children and husband often got surprised Jinni’s visit without notice.  All off sudden Jinni showed up in front of them any where they were in the house.  they were just being shown by the jinni, so jinni came and gone as the jinni pleased to until they all got used to it living with jinni together in the house.  The jinni never harmed them except to one of M’s daughter whom some time got slapped by the jinni.  M then told my daugher in-law that the house has been good, no jinni in the house ever since I went with my Qur’an study group to M’s house on July 13, 2011 to clean the house and to move the Jinni to move.  Alhamdulillah


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