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he demon returned to “I” body

Shortly after I got home, I got ready to go with my husband to the Friday pray at the Mosque then went to work.  I arrived at work at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and approximately an hour later R called me and told me that his wife “I” was getting sick again and starting acting up being posses with demon again.  R said that his wife was laying on the bad but was raising up her feet, her body and scramming because of the pain in her stomach.
R said “I” was good after my husband and I left and according to R, “I” went out visiting friend for a few hours and she seemed back to her normal life but then when she got back home, she started to sick again.  When R was
telling me of what had happened with his wife on the phone, I heard his wife’s voice screaming telling him repeatedly “no, don’t let tante H come again, I don’t want to see tante H.”  And R then told me “Tante, my wife said she does not want to see you again and does not want me to talk to you too.”  While listening to what R said, what went through my mind was the demon must have returned to “I” body so my quick thinking told me to try helping “I” a different way because I was at work which is approximately 30 miles away from where she is so Itold R to calm down, don’t panic, to ignore his wife because it was not her the one who saying that, she was under the influence of the demon and the demon who made her said that and I asked him for his email address for me to send the link of the ruqyah (audio of the reciting verses of the Qur’an) the one my son created for me.  I told him to play it on and turn it at high volume for his wife to hear it.
R followed my instruction very good but that didn’t help.  Family and friends rushed to visit R to help by reciting verses of Qur’an out loud but that didn’t help.  I received a phone call from their friend W whom she is also one of my students who had witnessed I did ruqyah on some one numerous times so I asked W if she was also going to go to R’s house.  W said she just got home from work and will leave the house as soon as she finished to do what she has to do at home for her husband and children.  I told her to call me as soon as W gets in R’s house.  Since I did not hear from W yet, so I called and she said she was just about five minutes away from their house, so I told her to call me as soon as she arrived in their house. 
W called me from R’s house and told me the condition of “I” which was not also was making lots of noise because her stomach was hurting but also her feet and lower part of her body was going up and down uncontrolable.  I told W to look for olive oil in their kitchen then to put the olive oil on the small plate and to get water and put a tiny salt in the water then to call me when she was ready with the oil and the water.  W called me stating she couldn’t find olive oil but there was a regular cooking oil.  I then told  her to go ahead put the regular cooking oil on small plate and to get ready with the water too.  I will call her back in a few minutes.
Because I was at work which was approximately 30 miles away from where they were, I have to go away from the operations so I can recite the Qur’an out loud without any one sees me.  So I told my employees that I would go across the street to the back lot for them to call me.  Actually I did not go to the back lot, I was just staying inside the locked car in the lot.  I called W and told W to put her cell phone on the speaker and put the speaker at high volume then to hold the speaker phone on top of both the oil and the water.  According to W, when she was going to just do what I told her to do, a few people in that house was wondering why W was doing crazy thing and some people even asked W “hey, what are you doing, intead of you helping us here you are doing crazy thing!”  W repeatedly told them that she was on the phone with her teacher and her teacher told her to do that.  W told them just leave me alone now but later on she will tell them what she was doing.  I began reciting the Qur’an over my cell phone and when I was done, I told W to smear the oil on “I” stomach and to give the water to “I” to drink.
W called me again to tell me that “I” refused to drink the water because “I” said she did not want to drink blood.  W tried to convice “I” that it was water the same water she drunk from the same bottle but “I” not only refuse to drink she also screamed that she  did not want to drink the blood.  That was made all the people in that house got puzzled and wondered after what they witnessed.  I told W with the help of R to force the water into “I” mouth, for W to do what it takes to get “I” drink the water. 
So W, R, and other people were seating on the bed restraining ”I”.  R then held “I’s” mouth then pour the water using the spoon into “I’s” mouth.  “I” spat it but some of the water got in her and shortly after that “I” woke up and gained her consciousness. 
“I” noticed there were lots of people in her house, then “I” apologized to them and said sorry I overslept.  ”I” did not have any recolletion what had happened with her at all.   W then called me and told me that “I” was OK did not jumping up and down again and she was OK.  “I” husband R also called me to thank me but I told R if its not too late for R and “I”, I could stop by at their house on my way home from work which was around 1 o’clock in the morning.  R said no problem for me to come that late.
 I left work at midnight and went straight to “I” house.  I was surprised to see at one o’clock in the morning, there were still many people in their house.  When they found out that I was going to come, they were waiting to see me.  As soon as I arrived there, I asked for one-half glass of water and to put a tiny salt in for me to recite verses of Qur’an over the water.  Shortly after I recited verses of Qur’an on ”I”, “I” started to cry and the jinn inside her body took control of her.  When I started reciting “I” was seating down but then when the jinn took control of her, she started laying down and crying.  I then asking questions such as “who are you” “what your name” etc…when I told the jinn to leave “I’s” body, the jinn refused so I threaten the jinn that I would burn the jinn.  Immediately after I told the Jinn that I would burn it, the Jinn said not to burn him and agreed to leave but I told the jinn once leave “I’s” body not to return as it did this morning and the jinn replied ok.  I then asked the jinn from where the jinn would leave “I’s” body and the jinn said from the feet.  I told “I’s” husband R if he can apply a lotion on “I’s” feet and her toe.  While R was putting lotion on “I’s feet, I continued reciting verses of Qur’an and shortly after that “I” woke up and resumed consciousness and as if she was surprised seeing lot of people in her house and apologized to the people there that she was over slept.  She did not remember anything at all what had happened with her. 
On January 3, 2012, for the first time “I” and her husband R came to my Qur’an study and told me that she is good and never been sick again since.  Alhamdulillah


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