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Having lower back pain Doctor couldn’t cure

In the past few years MT’s lower back was often hurting her but her doctor could not find anything wrong with it so she forced herself to get used to it having back pain.  But after the ruqyah was done on her, her back stop hurting.  Subhanallah.  
 On Saturday, March 5, 2011, when I was teaching the sixteen years old girl at her house, MT came to visit the girl’s mother LL.  LL told MT to have the ruqyah done that day.  We both did the ablution then LL sat down facing the direction of Mecca and I was behind her.  Shortly after I recited verses of
Qur’an, MT’s left hand suddently grabbed her lower back at the same time her body was moving, turning like to ease the pain and a few seconds later she was laying down unconscious on the floor.  At the beginning the jinn refused answering my questions but then after I warned him if he did not want to leave MT’s body I would burn him and God would put him in hell fire for ever the Jinn then said ok, ok he would go.  I asked him from where he was going to leave MT’s body from and he said from her feet.  I continued reciting and shortly after that MT resumed conscious and said oh, oh, what happened?  She then tried to get up and said ”oh I am so tired”.  MT did not remember anything to what had happened with her in the past hour.  MT kept on touching her back and said her back was ok now its not hurting.  So I asked her what happened with her back and she said she has been having lower back problem in the past few years.  She did go to the doctor but her doctor could not help her so she just forced herself to get used to it having back pain. 
A few days later she called me and told me that she felt so strange that now she could say no to her daughter in-law D, to her son TJ and to D’s parents.  MT said that in the past she would just follow and agreeing to what ever they say.
On February 1, 2012, the ruqyah was done on MT again just to check and to make sure that she was OK.  At first she did not want to have it done again but two of her friends, LS & Y, were the one who convinced her to do it.  LS said to MT, its OK just seat down next to me and L because they wanted to have it done on them, so MT sat in the middle between LS & L.  There was no obvious sign indicating either one of them was touched by the jinn except MT.  Shortly after I recited verses of the Qur’an, MT was frowning her face and she did that the entire time until its done.  When its done, MT said there was nothing right, see nothing right!.  MT was trying to compare it with her first experience when she lost consciousness and was very tired when it was done and since this time she thought that she was alert the entire time, so she said she was OK.  I told her that was good and I really hope that she was clean and was not touched by the jinn but I noticed her face was frowning the entire time and did not look normal.  MR responded by saying “oh yaaaa, oh yaaaa, but I don’t feel anything though!”  I told her to pay attention tonight and to let me know if there was something unusual or experiencing something different compares to her past daily activitiesl.
The next day MT told me that lately she was afraid to her daughter in-law D.  MT is a very outspoken person but she said each time she wanted to say something to D she changed her mind and be quite because she was afraid but did not know why.  I asked her how she felt since last night to the next day toward D and her respond was she has not seen D yet because when she came home D has already been sleeping and when she went to work MT still sleeping.  I suggested for MT to do the ruqyah again as a follow up to make sure that she was clear and no reaction at all when I recite the Qur’an on her and she agreed.    


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