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Getting the demon out of the person’s body

The evening of July 14, 2011, my friend Y got a phone call from E who knows that I had done exorcisms in Y’s house and asked Y if I can help her friend “I” in San Francisco.  “I” just lost her baby due to miscariage two weeks prior and had been having pain in her stomach.  The doctor has taken all kind of test on “I” and found nothing wrong with her.  I was at work when Y called and asked me if I can help so I told Y to call my husband at home and told him about it.  The following morning, July 15th, my husband and I went to  “I’s” house.  We did not know “I” nor her husband so after we introduced each other, I briefly asked ”I’s” husband R about “I”.  I then gave R the Disclaimer of the Spriritual Healing form for him to fill out and sign prior performing the exorcisms on
“I”.  I asked R to give me 1/2 glas of water for me recite verses of the Qur’an over the water then I began recited a few verses of the Qur’an out loud for “I” to hear while I stood next to her.  A few minutes after that “I started to cry and kind of started losing her consciousness.  I began questioning the demon and telling the demon to leave “I” body.  I warned the demon if not willing to leave her body I would burn him and the hell fire is his place for ever however I also told him that God is most gracious and will forgive him if he leave her body and asked to be forgiven.  First the demon was refused to leave  but after many attempt trying to get him out of her body while I kept on reciting verses of Qur’an out loud finally the demon gave up and told me that he would leave.  I then asked him from where he would leave ”I’s” body and said from her feet.  I told R to get any lotion and told him to apply the lotion on ”I’s” feet in making easier for the demon to leave her body.  Shortly after that moment, “I” gain conscious and woke up.  “I” looked at  us in the room with the puzzled look in her face and said “oh I was in a deep sleep.” Her face looked different than prior the exorcisms was done on her and looked normal.   R’s face was also looked as if he was shock after witnessing of what had happened with his wife and thanked us for coming and helping to cure his wife.  My husband and I then went back home with the good feeling which can not be described and thanking God for helping me to help others.


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