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Follow up on the spell cause son turned against own mother

February 23, 2011 – NS, SR, and LS dirumah Y
The night I was going to do the follow up ruqyah on NS, SR came and wanted me to do the follow up on her too.  SR was told by her doctor that her kidney was shrinking but was cured after the ruqyah done on her.  Because SR lives far away, so I did ruqyah on SR first.  SR did not show any reaction and according to SR, she did feel anything so I gave her the water that I had recited verses of Qur’an over it to drink.  After SR drank it a little, she stop and said the water tasted like a rutten egg but I told her to drink it because that was just regular water so she drank all the water.     
After I did SR, I immediately ruqyah NS.  This was the second time but NS was still showing being possesed so I questioned the entity and to let me know his/her name, but it wouldn’t response so I continued reciting Qur’an out loud and repeating my questions several times.  It took long time to get the entity to start to talk so finally it says his name was Mansur, a Syiah muslim and has been in NS’s body in the past two years.  After the Jinn started to talk, I began telling him to leave NS’ body.  I told the jinn that God is Most Gracious and Most Merciful so I told Jinn to ask forgiveness from God and to leave NS’ body but the jinn response and said he did not get out because he afraid.  I then asked the Jinn if he was alone or was there any other jinns with him in NS’ body and he said he was the only one left, the rest had left.  I told him he should not afraid to anything othen than to God who created him and the human being.  I told him that God created the Jinn and human being to live together on earth but not to live in the human being’s body because if he did not want to leave, God will punish him and the punishment is going to be in a hell fire for the rest of his live forever and ever and will never get out from the hell-fire, finally he agreed to leave.  I asked him where he was going to get out from, the jinn said will leave from NS’ ears so I continued reciting but suddently NS raised her hands toward her ears and she covered both of her ears.  NS  covered both of her ears and her hands were very strong.  Four people who were in that room walked toward NS tried to remore NS’ hands away from her ears but it was not easy.  They were two strong guys, AH and Jammie, Y and I struggled in our attempt to remove NS’ hands away from her ears but with our strength we did it and a few seconds afer that NS regained conscious.
I can not see jinn (demon) but based on my experience, when I am reciting verses of the Qur’an on some one if there is jinn in that person, the person will feel either something moving around in the body, numbness in part of the body, hearing static in both ears, feeling pressure in part of the body, the person is crying for no reason, or becomes unconcious so the sign I get when the jinn already leaves the body is the person gaines conscious and most time like the person who just wakes up from sleeping because the person did not remember anything.  
Follow up on January 18, 2012
 January 18, 2012 – Since it has been almost a year since last time the ruqyah was done on NS, NS wanted me to do the ruqyah on her again just to check so I did it on the evening of January 18, 2012. 
NS did not feel anything and there was no unusual reaction on her but after she drank the water, the water that I had recited verses of Qur’an on it, her stomach has became harden.  I touched her stomach and continued reciting over and over in which then NS was throwing up small amount of liquid.  I continued reciting while placing my left hand on her head and the finger of my right hand on her face between her eye.  As soon as I touched her face between her eyes, NS was pulling my right hand away from her and was stopping me on placing my finger on her face.  When Y’s husband, A, noticed that NS was pushing my hand away from touching her, A came to help by holding both of NS’s hands.  I questioned NS by asking whats your name?  She replied and said Mansur.  When I heard his name was Mansur, I remembered the Jinn the one in NS’s body a year ago was also Mansur so I asked him why he returned to her body.  He did not reply but then her face was changed back to normal and she seemed back conscious so I continued reciting to the end.
The next morning NS called me and said she slept very good and her mind felt clear and relax so she thank me for doing ruqyah on her.  But I was not convinced that the Jinn actually left her body for good because what I was afraid of the Jinn purposely left NS’s body in the middle of the ruqyah session to make me believe that he has gone but he will return to NS’s body later.  What made me think that the Jinn may go in and out a person body was based on the knowledge I got from doing lots of reading and hearing stories of this nature.  So I suggested for NS to do the follow up ruqyah again the following week and she agreed.
Follow up on January 25, 2012
There was no reaction from NS on the first one-half (1/2) of the session but then her middle fingers of her left hand became numb and then her right feet was cramp.  There were three other persons in that room, my husband SY, Y and K.  I continued reciting and I put my hand on her head but then she tried to remove my hand from her head to stop me placing my hand on her head because it was hurting her.  When SY, Y & K saw me struggled, then they came near me and helped me by restraining NS’s hands.  NS was so strong even three person were struggled holding NS’s hands.  With three helpers I was able to continue asking questions and suggesting what was best for the jinn to do.  When I asked for his name, he said Mansur and when I asked how long he’s been in NS’s body, he said six months.  So I told the jinn that God created human being and the jinni to live together on earth but not to live on a person’s body so I warn him to ask God to forgive him then to leave NS’s body and also threaten the Jinn if continue stay in NS’s body I would burn him and the hell fire is his place in the day after.  NS then was looking toward the front door as if she saw some one came in from the front door and walked toward her, her hands gestures was waving as if inviting the person to come closer but then her hands gesture reversed by waving to let the person to go away and said ok, ok.
NS then in tears, she seemed so sad then told me that my deceased husband came, whispered on my right ear and said “be strong, be strong, I know you can do it, think of the children, be patient for the shake of the children.” then the deceased husband took Mansur with him.  So in NS’s eyes, her deceased husband who came and helped to get the Jinn out of her body.  Subhanallah


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