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father lost his job and daughter got sick five times ruqya

Tuesday evening of November 22, 2011 while gothering in Y’s house, Y told my husband and I about her extended family in Texas whom just recently returned from their overseas trip suddently the father lost his job and their 6 years-old daughter got sick.  While they were overseas, their daughter was vomitting blood and got really sick.  As soon as they arrived back in the States, they took their daughter N to the doctor.  The doctor said that there is something in N’s kidney.  After Y hearing their story, Y told the family about me who had helped many people by reciting verses of the Holy Qur’an Allah S.W.T. cured their sicknesses.  Because Y knew that I had helped people by reciting the verses of  the Qur’an over the phone so she suggested for me to do the same to her family in Texas while I am in the Bay Area.
First I talked to E, the husband and told him that what I would do was just to recite the Holy Qur’an over the phone and for him to ask Allah S.W.T. to cure her daughter.  I told E to take wudu and for his daugher N to do the same.  I also told him to get drinking water in a glass and to put a tiny salt, then for both E and N to face kiblat, the direction of prayer.
I was in the room with Y with two phones.   I told E’s wife to help me by having two phones with her; one phone for her to have it on with Y to tell Y if there was any reaction of her husband or her daughter while I was reciting the Qur’an and for NN to put the second phone on the speaker to hold the speaker phone above the drinking water.  So one NN’s hand was holding the speaker phone and the other s hand was holding the phone to talk to Y.
The entire time while I was reciting the Qur’an, I did not hear anything from Y so NN did not say anything.  After I finished reciting the Qur’an, I asked E if he felt anything when he was listening the Qur’an read by me over the speaker phone, he said he did not feel anything but her daughter’s feet kept on moving and her daughter also kept on  yawning.  NN told Y and I that while I was reciting the Qur’an, the water inside the glass was moving and splashing and the water reached the phone so the phone got wet but NN decided not to tell Y .  I then told NN to give the water to her husband and her daughter to drink.  According to E, at first the water tasted normal just like regular water but then it tasted different, its bitter.  After both E and N drunk the water I told them to pay attention tonight and to tell me tomorrow any unusual they might have experience.  I told them normally most people whom I have recited the verses of Qur’an over them, they slept very good so for them to let me know.
While I was still in Y house, approximately an hour later, Y received a text message from NN and said her daughter’s left leg was hurting and NN herself felt something from her neck all the way to her back.  So according to NN, she recited ayatul Qursi, the verses in the Qur’an over and over until her daughter felt a sleep.

First follow up to father lost his job and daughter got sick
Before we ended our conversation on Tuesday Nov. 22nd, we scheduled to talked again to follow up two days later which was on Thursday, the Thanksgiving day, Nov. 24th.  NN said that the family was going to go to a friend house during the day so because they are two hours ahead, we agreed to talk again bentween 5 and 6 PM California time.  NN did call me and told me that they were in his friend’s house and also said they should be home the time we have agreed upon which is between 7 and 8 PM their time.  I called NN and left a message.
When I was driving home from work, NN called me and told me that she accidentally left her cell phone in her friend’s house so she called me using her daughter’s phone.  NN told me that her daughter N slept  good that night after I recited the Qur’an to her the other day.  Actually eversince she got sick, she has been cranky, has not been sleeping well, and always wanted to be with her mother but since that night N slept good.  NN asked me if I can do the same again to them yesterday but I told her I could not because I was driving home so I told her lets do it again tomorrow.

Second follow up to father lost his job and daughter got sick
Between 3 and 4 PM today, we were on the phone again to do the ruqyah over the phone again but this time were going to do it to all the three of them, the father (E), the six years old daughter (N), and to the wife (NN).  E & N were seating next to each other and N was seating on NN’s lap.  They put a glass of water in front of them for either E or NN to hold the speaker’s phone on top of the glass.  
The reactions while they were hearing me reciting the Qur’an were:  E and N were sleepy and yawning a lot but NN was not sleepy instead she felt heaviness around her neck and her head.  According to NN, her daughter N is very skiny and light weight but shortly after hearing me reciting the Qur’an, NN felt that her daughter was very heavy and when NN was trying to lift N to reposition N on her lap she could not do it because N was very heavy.  
After they told me what their reactions were, I told them to drink the water.  E and N drank the water but NN just drank it a little because she said the water did not taste good.  Based on my experience the reason NN did not want to drink the water was because of the spirit who might have stayed in her body who did not want to drink the water so I told NN to drink it which she did.  Shortly after NN drunk the water, she felt like to vomit so I told her thats good and for her vomit if she felt like to which she did.  After she vomit, the heaviness around her neck and head dissapeared.
I told them to continue to pay attention to how they feel and to let me know any reaction they may have experience after this ruqyah session.  I suggessted for them to text message me to keep me updated and we scheduled to talk again tomorrow and the next day.

3rd follow up of father lost his job and daughter got sick
Before we started, I asked each of them how were they last night after the 2nd follow up.  They were all OK nothing unusual to tell me except the heaviness of NN’s neck and head dissapeared after she vomit the result of the 2nd follow up.  After I finished recited the Qur’an over the speaker phone to them again today, N and NN did not feel anything this time but E felt heaviness on his right back and both of his ears were static hearing irritable voices during and after the session. 
I told them to drink the water and this time they all said the water was normal as regular water.  So after the 4th session E got the reaction but his wife & his daughter got their reactions in their first 3 sessions but not during the 4th session. 
E was worried about the static on both of his ears and the heaviness on his back so I told him God Willing he should not worry and because of E’s reaction, we scheduled to do the follow up again tomorrow and we should continue doing it until either one of them feels anything when listening me reciting the Qur’an. 

4th follow up father lost his job daughter got sick
The heaviness on E’s back stayed throughout the night last night until he woke up for the morning prayer.  After he prayed the morning prayer then he gradually feeling better.  N & NN were OK.  After we do the ruqyah over the speaker phone again today, N & NN were OK, did not feel anything but E was yarning three times but he was not sleepy.  N, NN, E then drank the water but this time the water tasted bitter to E. 
Since E was still having some kind of reaction, I told them to do the follow up again tomorrow.

5th Follow up father lost his job and daugher got sick
I was glad that this time neither of them, E, NN, & N have any reaction when I was reciting verses of the Qur’an over the speaker phone to them but when they drank the water, E still felt the water was bitter but it was not as bitter as the day before.  So I told them to thank to God because if they did not feel anything or had any reactions, thats mean is a good sign.  I told them to let me know what the doctor said if they bring N back to do the follow up with the doctor about her kidney.  Since E still feel the water tasted bitter even though is not too bitter, I told him to recite surah Al-Baqarah over water and for him to drink the water everyday.
On Friday July 6, 2012, when I was at the Los Angeles Convention center my friend Y handed me $100 bill and said “This is from NN’s family.  They are here wanted to meet you, let me find them.”  Shortly after that Y returned to where I was with NN’s family.  E and NN thanked me and told me that the six years-old girl is now cured, the husband, she said “Thanks God”, is good now and always find the source of earning income even he does not find the regular job yet since he got laid off.  The relationship between E and NN are good so NN thanked me for doing the ruqyah on them.  NN then introduced the six-years old girl to me and said ”do you remember the one was reciting Qur’an over the phone to you, this is Oma, this is Oma.”
I thanked them for the money, and I told them that I do ruqyah because of God, not for the money, and any money I received is going to be distributed to the orphanage and the poor family in Indonesia.  I also told them that this is great the Ramadan is just a few days away so I can send the money before Ramadan.


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