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A Posses’ girl next door

On August 26, 2011 morning approximately 9 o’clock, a neighbor’s husband, D, was calling my husand while my husband and I were still sleeping.  My husband got up and went to see D.   D was panicking and asking my husband help to take his wife to the hospital.  My husband then woke me up so we both talked to D.  We found out that K and D were having breakfast but all of sudden K just stood still silent.  D asked K “are you ok?”  K replid back  by saying “are you OK” “are you OK” “are you OK” D then said “are you crazy?” K replied by repeating the question over and over “are you crazy” “are you crazy” are you crazy” when D saw his wife was acting that way, D panicked and went calling my husband for help.  D said to us please help my wife he needed to
take his wife to the hospital.  I asked D if its OK to see his wife and he said OK she is in the bedroom.  My husband and I went to the bedroom to see K.  I called her name, she was not responding then I asked her if she is OK and asked how she felt and she was not responding.  I sensed it something its not right so I asked my husband if we should go ahead try helping her first before taking her to the hospital and my husband said OK.  So we asked D if its OK for us to try to help her first before taking her to the hospital.  D said “oh yes, please, please help my wife.”  So I told him what we were going to do is to try if we can help her by reciting verses of the Qur’an to her.  D was kind of staring at us not sure what went on in his mind for a few seconds then he said OK please help my wife.  So I asked D to give me water in a small bowl and to put a little salt a little bit.  I started reciting some verses of the Qur’an over the water then we went to the bedroom.  D was in the corner of the bed with both of her foot & hands folded closed to her body.  My husband was holding the water and I started reciting verses of the Qur’an out loud next to K.  Whitin a few minutes after I reciting the Qur’an, K moved her foot  and hands to the laying down position and started to fight with me, her face turned dark red (black and red) and her lip became thick and her face looked scary and ugly.  I tried to communicate with her by asking her question but K was not responding not after several times asking her questions repeatedly K started saying something.  My husband and I noticed that K was posses by the demon so my husband started spraying the holly water on her face while I tried to find out how the demon got into her body.  She did mention name so I told the demon to get out of her body.  The demon did not want to leave so I continued reciting Qur’an on her and asked her to leave.  D was watching us and looked so afraid now knowing what will happen with his wife.  I kept on asking the demon to leave but kept on refuse so I told the demon that I would burn the demon if not going to leave her body.  After I told the demon that I would burn it, K then said “no, no, don’t burn it.” so I told the demon to leave then she said OK.  When K said OK, I asked where were you going to leave from K body and she replied back by saying from my feet.  I saw a bottle of lotion on top of small cabinet next the bed so I grabbed the lotion and gave it to my husband.  My husband and D put the lotion on her foot while I kept on reciting Qur’an on her.  All of sudden K woke up.  Her face back normal and asked me “H, what are you doing?” (I think she was surprise to see my husband and I were in her bedroom and we never even go to her bedroom ever before that day) because I was still reciting so I ignore her question.  K then asked me again “what are you saying?” (because she did not understand what I was reciting so she asked me with a puzzled look in her face).  At that time my husband knew that the demon already out of her body so my husband said thats it already out so I stop.  It took us about an hour from the beginning to the end but I was exhausted while K was fresh just people who just woke up from good sleep.  We then went home.
D thanking us for helping him and his wife.  According to D, he told his wife that he was going to take her to the mental hospital.  K did not have any recollection what had happened to her.


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