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A 16 yrs-old girl being nicer to her mom after ruqyah

The sixteen-years old teenager suddently in tears shortly after she heard verses of Qur’an being read on her.   And the humming sound came from no where in the house when I was doing the ruqyah on both the girl and her mother.    The girl’s shoulder felt lighter and her mind felt better after the ruqyah was done.  The six-year-old boy’s head was hurting him when he heard me reading Al-Baqarah out loud in his play room.
This is a follow up of exorcism # 30 which was done on February 29th.     R has been having so much problem lately.  Many things on her and her family seemed to be did not make sense.  Even though when the previous ruqyah done on R she did not have any reaction, my husband felt so bad to R so he suggested to keep on doing the follow up thinking that by doing the ruqyah over and over on R would eventually help ease the problem.
On Thursday June 7, 2012, we went to R’s house with Y and her husband A.  when we were in R’s house she told us that she recently have problem with her sixteen-years old girl S who insisted to move out to live with her father in a different city.  S is a nice girl and loves R very much but lately she has been acting strange and disrespect her mother R.  R did not know what else to do about it so Y suggested for me to do the ruqyah on S too while we were there.  Y went to S’s room and suggested to her to have me do the ruqyah on her.  Based on the story we heard from R about her ex-husband influence on S and things S were saying to R were suspected were brain washed by her father so Y do her best explaining to S and why Y thinks its good idea for S  to be in ruqyah.  Y told S that having ruqyah done was to make her feel better and for blessing which then S agreed.
Both R and S were seating side by side together while I did the ruqyah on them.  But shortly after the ruqyah was done, S was in tears shortly and the humming sound came from no where in the house.  We all were looking around thinking where the humming sound coming from.  Y asked her husband A if she was doing the humming but A said no.  Not sure where the humming sound was from but when I was doing ruqyah but since we knew that many strange thing which can not be explained can be happening when the ruqyah was done so I igored it and continued reading on her.


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