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5th Follow up father lost his job and daugher got sick

I was glad that this time neither of them, E, NN, & N have any reaction when I was reciting verses of the Qur’an over the speaker phone to them but when they drank the water, E still felt the water was bitter but it was not as bitter as the day before.  So I told them to thank to God because if they did not feel anything or had any reactions, thats mean is a good sign.  I told them to let me know what the doctor said if they bring N back to do the follow up with the doctor about her kidney.  Since E still feel the water tasted bitter even though is not too bitter, I told him to recite surah Al-Baqarah over water and for him to drink the water everyday.
On Friday July 6, 2012, when I was at the Los Angeles Convention center my friend Y handed me $100 bill and said “This is from NN’s family.  They are here wanted to meet you, let me find them.”  Shortly after that Y returned to where I was with NN’s family.  E and NN thanked me and told me that the six years-old girl is now cured, the husband, she said “Thanks God”, is good now and always find the source of earning income even he does not find the regular job yet since he got laid off.  The relationship between E and NN are good so NN thanked me for doing the ruqyah on them.  NN then introduced the six-years old girl to me and said ”do you remember the one was reciting Qur’an over the phone to you, this is Oma, this is Oma.”
I thanked them for the money, and I told them that I do ruqyah because of God, not for the money, and any money I received is going to be distributed to the orphanage and the poor family in Indonesia.  I also told them that this is great the Ramadan is just a few days away so I can send the money before Ramadan.


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